Let Us Spice Up Your Anniversaries


The Best Thing About Me Is You

I thought I had it all, that everything was well planned out
And I was on a life cruise. I can now only review my hollow and drab life.
You filled all the crevices and hiatuses with your smile , love and all.
You have been all I ever wanted, friend, confidante, reservoir of ideas
And even a sparring partner. (smiles)

The initial challenges and hurdles didn’t dampen you zeal and enthusiasm
of transforming our ordinary apartment into a palatial home.
A place befitting only for kings, princes and princesses. And that you did.
You have given me a home devoid of rancor, anger and friction,
but that replete with laughter, smiles and dimples. (smiles)

A year with you by my side has been filled with unprecedented love
and exhilarating emotional trips.
You have indeed created a feisty paradise in our hitherto dreary environment.
You added the “extra” to the “ordinary” to make it extraordinary.
My only regret, yes I do have one, is,
You didn’t come earlier than you did, because the best thing about me is YOU.


This is our content, for a typical wedding anniversary. But then, that is just the beginning, the delivery will wow you. Our job is to make your ordinary beautiful anniversary a superlative one and and turn your mundane exciting moment into a legendary one.

Come to us, let us spice your birthdays and anniversaries with our out-of-the-box ideas delivered in simplistic  but fantastic manner to make your occasions unique and memorable. We will blow your love ones away and etch sweet and indelible memories on their minds.

Do not forget our number, 08089601253, we are at your BeckAndCall.


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