We’ve Got You Covered


A medieval philosopher once said that the world is in a constant state of flux. It really wasn’t the things seen with the physical eyes then. The environment was so serene for him to have made such pronouncement. But we have since moved on into a very chaotic state. A creation of our own “functional” minds. Everyone is on the move, especially in cosmopolitan towns like Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt. It has completely become a rat race; a race against time. A race for survival where no one is left out. And our subject is in the very thick of it.
She is a mobile, modern day working class woman, whose task of creating a harmonic balance between her work, job and family is a daunting one. She is on the verge of losing it.

Our friend’s brain can now be conveniently compared with a mainframe computer that has so many tasks to accomplish in seconds, sorry milliseconds. And as such it is always calculating, cutting the “t”s and dotting the “i”s. She has automatically becomes a jack of all trade, but a master of none. Her job is made even more difficult by the fact that she is a part-time student with project to carryout and datelines to meet. The incontrovertible truth at the end of the day is this, all suffers.
As the law of diminishing marginal returns sets in, health is the first victim of her sheer attempt of making ends meet. A once vibrant and smiling young woman is now a shadow of her former self. She is now haggard, slow, absent minded and dozes at work. In a bid to meet all datelines, none is met. Her project suffers and her questionnaire died even before it was birthed. What follows? A spiral series of catastrophes is heralded and a domino effect set up.
It shouldn’t be this terrible, that is why you have us. Let us take some of those burdens off you. We could construct, administer questionnaires on your behalf. The data analysis is our business. It is our job to run around and handle those your tiny businesses while you concentrate on the huge one of making the money.
Don’t deny yourself the opportunity of having a blast out of life. You can only live but once. It is our job to mind your business. Call on us now because we are at your #BeckAndCall and we will always get you covered. 

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