eurcadThe opportunity is here again to make some greenbuck. Recession ! Recession!! Recession!!! the lazy and the ignorants wail and continue to groan under the weight of the economic downturn.

However, the few enlightened and opportuned ones are still smiling to the bank. Nigerians are thronging behind Mavro for lack of choice even when they know it is a ponzi scheme.

Today you have a chance to make some cool money. Take a stand today against poverty and break free from the shackles of lack and wants.

Take a position now. Sell USDCAD at 1.3396 and place a take profit at 1.33260. That is a whooping 70 PIPS. Your lot size determines your profit. A lot size of 1.0 guarantees you a profit of 700USD in less than three days.



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